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Oi Fatty, get out of the surf and answer my bloody email!

Oi Fatty, get out of the surf and answer my bloody email!

For all correspondence and media enquiries, please email: fp AT fatpaddler DOT com

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith


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    saw your article in the – congratulations. I look forward to reading more about your experiences from your website forum.
    thanks and congratulations!!!

  2. Thanks Maria. Its been fun, that’s for sure! 🙂

  3. Hey Sean, was browsing your website as usual and couldn’t beleive it when I saw my friend Andie on there!! She had said she went paddling in NSW but I didn’t make the connection. I was jealous as hell when she made 2nd story front page on FP. Thats better than making the 6 oclock news with a higher cool factor. She said to drop you a note and say gday, I’m the guy that can’t seem to stop getting pissed everytime I go out playing in the rock gardens here. (It was 8 cans by the way not 6 as she so incorrectly told you. The gradual demise of initial stability in my normally stable kayak would be a sure sign of that). Anyway, she said you were coming here for a visit so would be good to go for a kayak with someone of such international fame. I’ve been trying to think up a cool name for myself but can only come up with “inebriated paddler”. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Anyway, love the website forum and keep the articles coming.

  4. G’day Tim! The paddling world is a small one, it’s inevitable you’ll end up knowing SOMEONE on! Sounds like you have a good time out there on the water, although your boat must be more stable than mine, because after a couple of cans I’d be swimming – haha! Let me know if you come up this way, and keep an eye out for any impending visits to Radelaide! Happy paddles, cheers -FP

  5. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the publicity with the boat show. I was wondering if you will be paddling in this year’s classic.

    Caroline Kessler

  6. Hi Sean,

    Just came across your story and am really inspired by it. My family and I have just returned from Cape Cod, where we paddle casually. One of my 18-year-old sons, who is 6’8″ and well north of 300 lbs., mentioned that he’d like to paddle from Orleans to Ptown next year — about 27 miles. I’m enthusiastic about doing this with him, and am trying to find recommendations for training programs to get us both ready. Have you seen any?

    Thanks for the tips, and happy exploring!


  7. Thanks Deborah! I’ve sent you an email with a few tips on a training program for you. Cheers – FP

  8. Hi Sean … I’m on your Facebook , I want to send a photo of the moose I saw when I was kayaking
    in Northern Ontario….2 weeks ago…I’ve seen them crossing the road in Ontario just never saw
    eye to eye before…but I managed to get a photo of them..priceless..Cheers FP….Val

  9. Hi Sean, Saw the article on SMH, great write up and a great blog mate! Keep up the good work champion!


  10. Peter Miller

    Well done on a huge effort. To keep going for so long is a real triumph.

    In contrast I was out on some more distant bodies of water on my holiday (see blog post).
    Keep up the good work

  11. Moulton Avery

    FP I’d like to suggest a caption for the picture of you and your mate bearing down on the lass in the kayak at the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic 2010: “Jenny had no idea how exciting her life was about to become…”

  12. Ha! In real life she was pulling away from us at a MASSIVE pace!!

  13. FP.

    Perth experienced a storm today but decided to go for a paddle anyway up the river. 16 kms against the current with thirty knot gusts. 90 mins of the most gruelling work I’ve ever done….that is until I got home and saw that your stickers had arrived in the mail

    Today’s paddle was nothing compared to trying to take the backing paper of those $#%@ stickers and trying to place them onto the ski.

    They stick real good though. I tried to remove them and it took half the back of the ski with it.

    Cheque sent for new stickers along with an invoice for a new Epic.



  14. Use the rest of the stickers to patch up the Epic! 😉

  15. Hi Fatpaddler

    Hey, Bob from Swift Outdoor centre in South River Ontario gave me your website etc.

    Looks like you guys have a lot of fun. Where are you based in Oz.


  16. Yo Lisa! Sydney, Australia… paradise on Earth. 😉

  17. Thanks for the inspiring website and for demonstrating just how resilient we can be in the face of adversity. My son rang me to tell me about your SMH write up. Ironically, on the very day I’m taking delivery of my first kayak. I’ll take it easy for starters, as you suggest.

    I’m sorry I haven’t come across your website before. Like you, I had some emotional healing to do after the Bali bombing, and writing was my way out. I also know how hard it is to write about that tragedy. I’ve published one short piece on my Blog, but other material I’ve written remains unpublished.

    Good luck with the book sales.

  18. Hi mate could you help me. Do you have any contact for the coffee boat. Love to talk to him about some brew’s
    Thanks Dave Bell(Belly)
    OZ SUP Centre

  19. Yo FB –
    just tripped across your website via HCC mail re your book. Congrats thats awesome!
    Gonna order it right away as 2009 was also my first HCC and like yours, it felt epic – so i can’t wait to read about it 🙂
    I took a bit longer than you, crossed the line 20sec before cut off – never thought coming last could feel so damn good !
    Wishing you and your team all a great race this weekend-

  20. Hi Sean,
    I met you out on Middle Harbour last year. I’m one of the Yukon Buddies. I just saw the article about your book through the HCC site and will be buying it for sure on Saturday. Seven of us from Dragons Abreast, Sydney, are doing the HCC this weekend for the first time in the old OC7 we trained in for the Yukon.
    Would just like to say that I wasn’t aware of your background and the reason for your paddling before now and I think you are an awesome inspiration and am excited to have met you out on the water.
    Good luck for the HCC, hope to see you along the way.

  21. Donald Riley

    Dear FP
    I’ve come across your blogs etc & hope you can help me. I’m 48, over weight, still relatively flexible, cant run – who has ever seen a happy jogger, but still need to exercise. I bought a k1 and spent most of the time in the water. where do i start re accessing my ability & what I should buy. Also looking at skis eg epic v8. Any pionters would help. Also could you forward me 2012s calender for events

  22. Gday mate,
    Really enjoying the Adventures of FP. Your blog is especially helpful as I too am of more manly girth and stature and am looking to upgrade from a plastic ski to a composite.
    If you ever get to Perth drop us a line – there is a few of us who go out for a paddle and feed every week.
    Have you got any stickers/shirts for sale?

  23. Gday Sean,
    Inspirational stuff, well done on pulling it all together.
    I am currently pushing my way back into the fitness lifestyle and have my sights set on the HCC this year. For me this means a little less beers and BBQ and more early morning sessions on the water and in the gym.
    I would like to get involved with your team or even some of the training throughout the year if possible. I currently paddle OC1. Any opportunity would be great in the future just let me know.
    I also believe I may live around the corner from you.
    Anyway all the best for the upcoming year and hopefully you have much more success coming your way, Andrew.

  24. Hi Sean,

    Have really enoyed reading your book. Very inspiring. Thanks for writing it and turning your challenges into something truly special. Now I saw you at the boat show last year, and we bought a book off you. As it turned out I accidentally took another book that I was looking at, and i have been meaning to contcat you for sometime now and ask for your bank details – and at last I am doing that. Can you please email me your details and I will EFT you for the 2nd book.

    All the best


  25. My wife gave me a copy of your book and I thought she was having a shot at me as I am a very keen paddler and a big unit.Having said that I decided to read the book and thought it was a great read.Would like to get hold of some stickers and T-Shirt ,where can I buy them ?

  26. FP website needs to get a bit more frivolous.
    What about an international FatPaddler
    Hot Chick/Stud of the month, complete with kayaks. This could lead to a calender!

  27. Tom Matthews

    hope to meet you over in Mauritius big fella. Im im possibly less prepared than you, but used to propping up fat bastards, being a former second rower.

    Bring some FP stickers for me to put on my paddle – I’ll paddle (and drink) for the FP team with pride

    Cheers Tom Matthews

  28. Steve (Fishy) Taylor

    Hi Sean,
    I have just finished your book and it was great. You have inspired me to go back paddling as I stopped about 6 months ago when my 18 month old grandson was operated on for a very rare brain tumor and I though my whole world was about to crumble, he is currently in Melbourne having treatement as out machine in Perth is so out dated it would have caused major side effects. Your abbility to push through adversity has made me question what I need to do to be around for this little boy. At 6ft 4 and 105 kg and having had a heart spasm which put me in intensive care for 4 day I needed a wake up call and mate you have done it. I will get fit and one day take my little grandson for his first paddle and I will think of you and your struggle to succeed.
    thanks again mate.
    PS this is a link to his web site as we too are trying to raise some fund for treatment of brain tumors in little kids,

  29. Ray Simpson

    I’am told we are building a boat for you guys again on saturday at the boatshow,do you have are rough design or trust us again with our design?Ray

  30. Laurent Duverge

    Hi Sean,

    Been checking out your site for a few weeks, and really liked the piece about Mauritius (I was born there, and Black River/Le Morne was my playground). Now based in the UK, and getting into SUPs, OC1s and Canadian canoes. Not quite ready for surf skis yet (not that popular in the UK).

    Very interested to read about your experience with the WNN Encounter. When choosing your boat, did you consider the WNN Voyager? If you did, any chance you could elucidate why you went for the former?

    Hoping to hear from you in due course.

    Happy paddling,


  31. Kevin Kelly

    The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic
    I am wishing to do the Hawkesbury Classic for the 6 time this year in my Mirage 730 and unfortunately my partner has injured himself and will not be able to enjoy the classic. If anyone is wishing to do the classic this year in a double I have an empty seat please call Kevin Kelly 0409017815

  32. Hi Sean,

    Big fan of your blog. I am after some of your Syndey local paddling location knowledge.

    I am coming up to Syndey this evening to take my daughter to an all day appointment tomorrow. So I have 5 hours to fill and I thought it was about time I paddled in the harbour.

    Can you suggest a suitable paddling launch point, with parking etc? Her appointment is in North Strathfield. But I do have4 or 5 hours to fill.

    Hope you see this today. Cheers mate.

    Rhys (usually land locked in Canberra).

  33. Scott Sawyer

    Hi Sean,
    I can see you making use of 3 cameras mounted on your Stellar, a mix of Gopro and Contour. If you had to choose only one which would it be? I am interested in one for paddling, mtb and some trail running. A few comments from finding the gopro prone to fogging, have you found this in Aus or is it more of a factor in SA due to colder water temps?
    Online reading has the Contour without case more useable for surfski, but the chest mount option for mtb gives gopro the edge for mtb.
    Would greatly appreciate any insight you can provide.

    The use of multiple cameras has taken your videos to an enjoyable new level.
    Cheers Scott

  34. kevin kelly

    Hi Sean,
    My name is Kevin Kelly, I have done 6 classic and will be doing this year’s classic with my 16 year old daughter, Meg. We will try for the family trophy. Is your group doing this year and if so, how do I join?
    Kevin Kelly

  35. Hi
    In the market to purchase a surf ski. What would you recommend Fenn – Bluefin, Epic V8, Stellar SEI? I want light weight to lift onto X Trail, stable – great buoyancy, any storage (keys, towel, water bottle etc). What is more popular? best feedback? Mostly paddle around Middle Harbour, Narraebeen Lakes maybe out Sydney Heads.
    Any feedback (good – bad) appreciated

  36. Hawkesbury Canoe Classic – PFD testing.
    I have had 12 life jackets tested by a FP gentle – awesome by the way. But I have one more to test, and would like it tested prior to race day.
    Can I please pass message onto this gentleman & see if there is any more PFD testing days prior to race day?

  37. Francis Manning

    Hi Sean, long time buddy!
    Have been in the Navy for 10 years and am starting to feel that its a young person’s game, so you can imagine my surprise when I told a shipmate that I was building a canoe and he handed me your book!
    Can’t wait to read it (and will definitely buy my own copy).
    Great to see your beautiful great mug again.
    From the high seas to the head waters, a dry bum and wet face to ya!
    Francis Manning

  38. Trevor Herkess

    Sean, Just a mention of a minor blast from your past – selling the Boreal Nanook with all the bling you attached before the Hawkesbury some years back. Hope you don’t mind but mentioned your transition in my spiel on E Bay. See you on the water sometime again, the last was at Manly after the Bridge to Manly a few years back.
    Cheers and bring on the water.

  39. howdy,
    great site, love it! check out my tug wave surfing videos from Puget Sound in Seattle. Been doing it for years both on kayak and sup..

    cheers. Rob

  40. Tanya White

    Hey Sean,
    Not sure if you remember browsing the album of the South Pacific Pirates Yukon journey down at BobbinHead last year.. we were on the bank prepping for an HCC training run, you guys had just got off the water.. we mentioned an upcoming movie night where we hoped to share our stories with friends, family, paddlers.. …well, its finally here.. Friday 31st Jan, Canada Bay Club, Five Dock. 7.15pm. Come and join us if you’re free..and any other Fat Paddler friends interested in taking on the longest river race in the world.. 740km!

  41. Craig Brown

    I have admired your exploits for a few years now and found it all very inspirational. I have had my own challenges and its always good to chill out and read how someone is taking on paddling the way you have. I also wanted to bring to your attention to a product I’m bring to the market in the near future. I hope it will allow at lot of people who who cant store a full size sea kayak to take the sport up. Its early days but I do now have a prototype. you can see at the Facebook link below.
    I have a background in warship design so its a properly engineered piece of equipment. I hope you find it interesting. I could do with a mention here and there if you do.

  42. Andy Cunningham

    Hi Sean, Just read your great book after borrowing it from the library. I’m a 49 year old father of two boys aged 10 & 13 and fancy getting in to kayaking. I’ve booked two training sessions with a local company in Hobart, where I live, at the end of October.

    I would like some advice on buying our first kayaks as my wife would like to take it up as well. I really like the look of a Mirage 530 but I believe they cost up to $4k and not sure if it’s the right model. Do you have any advice (or anyone else reading this) about what models to go for? At this stage we would like to start kayaking for fitness and fun but may get in to it more seriously at a later date. My wife would like a boat that is light in weight, does this preclude plastic?Thanks. Andy

  43. michael towler

    HI, I have recently bought a Surfski my first. I normally fish out of a profisha 525 .Have been in it 6 times the last 3 in the ocean in mild wind . There is a lot of info online but no mention of turning to go or upwind . fell in twice, once when my paddle pulled me over I think what happened is on the downwind side, parallel to as the paddle bit in the wind/wave pushed me to the paddle and the wing blade did the rest I’m not sure what happened the other time . I feel unstable when paddle while doing a turn but noticed that if didn’t try to paddle in a turn but stopped paddling hard and sat there the surfksi would ride the waves side on and with a gentle paddle would turn downwind with no hint of instability what is the correct way. the other thing I noticed was when trying to get a wave I nearly went in , what it felt like was a my paddle went back further than intended as the wave made accelerate and the paddle pulled me back over the seat and I didn’t have any way to balance, is that what happened or did I imagine it. I go out on my own so I have no way of knowing of what I’m doing is correct

  44. Looking to buy a stable but fast boat for river & lake use. I need some speed for the annual Pole Pedal Paddle race but want something that isn’t too harrowing for a clumsy 200 lb’er.

    Any suggestions? Is a surf ski doable?

    Thanks! jr

  45. FP,
    can you advise on the comparison between the stellar sr and the slipstream vortx? regarding stability etc.

    thanks , Ian

  46. Antônio Luiz

    Had an Epic surfski V8 and bought a new V 10. Where I live in Brazil, we have 80% of the time sea choppy and there is no professional to help me in this adaptation. There are some exercise video lesson, recommendation, or any other material that can help me? I’m more into the water on the Surfski! All help will be appreciated because I don’t know who to turn to. I really appreciate if return.


  47. Hi Sean, Great book, just finished it – keep up the hard work…

  48. Hey Sean, I am a Sydney girl who has been living in Southern California for the past 23 years. Met an American on one of my Ansett flights, when they were still in the air and I was a hostie (yep back in the day).. ANYWAY…. Just finished reading yr book “The Fat Paddler” and really enjoyed it. Great story. Cannot believe EVERYTHING you have gone through! Stoked to hear about how discovering kayaking helped you get your life back for you, and your family. There is a movie coming out called “Bleed for This” with Miles Tellor. True story about a boxer (whose name alludes me as I type this), but how through sheer will and determination and pure passion for his sport, he overcame a horrific injury from a car accident (sound familiar) to go on and win 3 more world boxing championships. I figure you and he have a lot in common. Google the movie to watch a trailer. There is also a piece you can find on the internet about the actual boxer with video footage as he trained through recovery. I am now trying to find a copy of “Crossing the Ditch” that will not cost me $100 off Amazon here in the States.. Might have to get mum and dad to find me one (in Cronulla).. Anyway, cheers mate and thanks so much for sharing your story. It is super inspiring and a really awesome read. I too have been kayaking for years and have over the last couple of years taken up SUP.. Have you tried that?
    Happy Paddling, Tracy

  49. thinking about acquiring an Epic V7…have been lake kayaking for about 2 years…
    5 ft 10 in. 180 lbs…in reasonable shape…64 years old…..moving to San Diego….
    want to paddle in the Pacific….good boat for that?

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