Hawkesbury Classic

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic 2013

What is the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic?

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic is an annual paddling ultra-marathon. Each year around 600 paddlers paddle 111 km down the Hawkesbury River from Windsor to Brooklyn at night to raise money for charity.

Over the years the event has build into a great community event, with paddlers, their landcrew and hundreds of volunteers converging on the banks of the Hawkesbury River at Windsor on the day of the event to enjoy the camaraderie and spirit that the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic has built.

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic has raised more than $4 million for medical research. The major beneficiary for this year’s event will be the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation.

Team Fat Paddler.... we may not be the fastest, but we'll most likely be the loudest

The History of Team Fat Paddler at the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic

For the past four years Team Fat Paddler has been involved in the event with one paddler & three landcrew in 2009, two paddlers & three land crew in 2010, ten paddlers & fifteen land crew in 2011, and finally twenty paddlers & thirty landcrew in 2012. Each year the crew raises as much money for charity as they can, with almost $30,000 raised in 2012.

Team Fat Paddler in 2013

The team returns in 2013 with a range of paddle craft including open canoes, surfskis and kayaks. Some of the team will paddle for speed, while paddle for fun. All TFP paddlers however do their bit to raise money for charity.

We couldn’t get the team out on the water at all without the incredible generosity of our sponsors. A huge thanks to Camp Hike & Climb in Hornsby who are helping Team Fat Paddler with compulsory paddler gear, clothes and outdoor equipment, and pro-paddler Matt O’Garey from Wet Fitness in Coffs Harbour who is helping with high performance training and technique coaching.


Wet Fitness

The following paddlers are confirmed for 2013:

Sean Smith aka The Fat PaddlerAdmiral of the Fleet Sean Smith ADML (Sydney, Australia)
Boat #250, Wenonah Prospector 16 canoe, TC2
Sean is the original Fat Paddler and loves surfski surfing, paddling near cliffs and time with his girls. He spends a fair bit of time on, in and on occasion, under the water! Sponsor Sean via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Paul Grummett aka GrummRear Admiral Paul Grummett RADM (Sydney, Australia)
Stellar SR surfski, BB1
Grumm is one of a handful of Brit paddlers in the team and loves wine, rudders and boats that can turn. As a high ranking officer, he is expected to lead by example. Especially at the pub. Sponsor Grumm via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Angelo Vassiliades aka GeloCommodore Angelo Vassiliades CDRE (Dubai, UAE)
Boat #250, Wenonah Prospector 16 canoe, TC2
Gelo is the poster boy for the team. Loves all things Greek but has a habit of destroying himself during events. Rumour has it he now has a bionic shoulder after the Warrior Dash “incident”. Sponsor Gelo via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Ben EaglestonCaptain Ben Eagleston CAPT (Sydney, Australia)
Wenonah Minnesota II canoe, BB2
Ben is a truly big man paddling his way to success. Ben’s persistence with his campaign to join Team Fat Paddler culminated in a formal invitation being issued at the 2012 Kayak for Kids. Sponsor Ben via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Dee MacCommander Dee McWhirter CMDR (Sydney, Australia)
Stellar SR surfski, BB1
When not smashing herself in a Crossfit box somewhere, she can often be found paddling her surfski and complaining about how sore she is from the gym the day before. Sponsor Dee via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Tanya ManwaringLieutenant Commander Tanya Manwaring LCDR (Sydney, Australia)
Stellar S18S surfski, BB1
Tanya joined TFP in the aftermath of HCC12. Since joining Tanya has been blooded (literally) on Gelo Cliffs, sealing her membership in the TFP Hall of Fame. Sponsor Tanya via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Grant MascordLieutenant Commander Grant Mascord LCDR (Sydney, Australia)
Stellar SEL surfski, Men’s 40+ ORS1
Grant does something with buses we think, but when he’s not delivering big Volvos around the country he’s likely to be paddling fast in some dirty piece of water like the Cooks River. Sponsor Grant via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Mick ReesLieutenant Commander Mick Rees LCDR (Sydney, Australia)
Fenn Bluefin surfski, BB1
Mick has that motorcycle-riding enforcer look about him, unless he’s paddling, when he looks more like a motorcycle and kayak-riding enforcer. Sponsor Mick via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Rob ManningLieutenant Commander Rob Manning LCDR (Sydney, Australia)
Wenonah Minnesota II canoe, BB2
Rob seems like a friendly guy but he’s actually a Terminator in our midst. Don’t train with him, it’ll hurt. And I’d hate to think what he’d do to you if your name was Sarah Connors. Sponsor Rob via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Pete CorbetSub-Lieutenant Pete Corbet SBLT (Geelong, Australia)
Epic V10 Sport surfski, BB1
Pete is a mysterious agent doing shady things at discreet hidden compounds across the country-side. Some say he is developing a prototype military-spec ski for the government. Sponsor Pete via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Big Bad Trav - only about a fifth of a Fat PaddlerMidshipman Travis Frenay MIDN (Robertson, Australia)
Wenonah “Mystery” canoe, C2
With over twenty years paddling, Trav is perfect for any outdoors mission. He also owns Paddle & Portage Canoes, importers of awesome Wenonah canoes. Sponsor Travis via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Lewis WylieSeaman Lewis Wylie SMN (Sydney, Australia)
Wenonah “Mystery” canoe, C2
Lewis loves moving water, paddling C1, K1, downriver racing, play -boating and slalom. He also loves chasing women, but he’s not so good at that! Sponsor Lewis via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


Mark MoranSeaman Mark Moran SMN (Sydney, Australia)
Sea Kayak, BB1
Mark is a dirty Englishman who supports sporting teams of disrepute. FP is looking forward to watching him in pain during 111km of overnight river paddling! Sponsor Mark via PC/MAC or via MOBILE & IPAD


The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith

The Fat Paddler ebook – available now on iTunes, Amazon & Kobo.

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  1. If we don’t paddle this year do you need any extra hands as support crew, let us know…

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