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Gelo - young, paddling, and showing off his new cliff-rash

Sea Kayaking – Where Are All the Young People?

There’s something about paddling that’s been bothering me for a while – I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I just sensed there was something missing. Recently, whilst…

Captain Kuk leads the way for some serious fun in Sydney Australia

Video: Team Fat Paddler does a Rock Garden Class with Tsunami Rangers Captain Jim Kakuk

Team Fat Paddler are all about fun and the lads were ecstatic about locking in a session with Tsunami Rangers Captain Jim Kakuk before he returned to his home in…

Confessions Of A Wave Warrior - Eric Soares

Book Review: Confessions of a Wave Warrior – Eric Soares (Tsunami Rangers)

Recently I was lucky enough to catch up with Jim Kakuk, co-founder of the Tsunami Rangers, over lunch here in Sydney. His parting gift to me was a copy of…