Come up with the best Fat Paddler t-shirt slogan to win 1 of 3 car stickers

New car stickers

New car stickers

First things first. Yes, I rushed to put it on the car too fast and lost the inside of the O, so no need to point it out to me.  I’m both fat and impatient I’m afraid!

Got these beauts in either white or black. I may sell them in the future to raise money for the Hawkesbury Classic, but for now I’m giving three stickers away for the best tshirt slogan ideas. Post your slogans via Twitter to @FatPaddler or as a comment to this post – best 3 slogans win a sticker in your choice of colour, and the very best one wins a tshirt with your slogan on it.

Who says nothing is free these days??

High ranking submissions so far to get the creative juices flowing:

@noreinsgirl“Paddled by”, “Paddle Up”, “Paddle Me, Oar Me, Roll Me”

@konaweb – “FatPaddler can spell kayak backwards!

@bristowmom1“I did an Eskimo roll & all I got was this wet T-shirt”, “My other kayak is a Lexus”, “Two great big oars and a ‘tude: FatPaddler”, “It’s not over until the FatPaddler sinks”

@MarshJones “Size counts for approximately… Everything”, “Think about it as a competition… I’m winning the calories/km race!”, “ – Making bigger waves!”

C’mon, show me what you’ve got!! Last submissions accepted on 31st May 09  🙂

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith