Night photography with Solent Sea Kayaking

Stealth-mode kayaking! (Image credit:

Stars and Lights (Image credit:

With the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic just days away, I’ve been thinking alot about paddling at night.  I personally love to glide through inky darkness with the stars overhead and the silence that only night time can bring, but it is a notoriously difficult time of the day to photograph due to light issues.

One of my twitter mates @solentseakayak however has done a little experimenting with slow shutter rates to see if he can capture the magic of night, with some quite beautiful results.

Contemplation (Image credit:

Contemplation (Image credit:

I’m loving these shots, and can only hope that with a little push Solent Sea Kayaking will continue to take more for the rest of us to enjoy. Go and check out the post for higher rez versions, they are really something special. Cheers – FP