Team Fat Paddler #fat111

Team Fat Paddler - Let's Ride!

Team Fat Paddler – Let’s Ride!

The day of the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic is upon us and Team Fat Paddler is ready to set off on the big adventure. With three responsible (!!) fellas in the Fat Mobile following me down the river, I can expect all my food and drink needs to be met with utmost professionalism. If they don’t forget me and fall alseep that it!

There will be a live stream over the next 24hrs or so of the event managed by @ireckon via both Twitter and Facebook.

For Twitter users, search for #fat111.

For non-Twitter users, use this twitter search link.

On Facebook, photos and updates will be on the page.

In the words of the great Beastie Boys – “NO – SLEEP – TILL BROOKLYN!”