Competition: Where’s the Fat Paddler?

Fat Paddler in Greenland. That's right, GREENLAND!

Fat Paddler in Greenland. That's right, GREENLAND! (Image Credit: Chris Paton)

With 2009 drawing to a close I thought it time to run one last competition. The last competition is – “Where’s the Fat Paddler?“.  To enter, follow the following steps:

1. Get hold of a Fat Paddler logo. I can be a tshirt, a sticker, a beer cooler, something from Fat Paddler’s Zazzle Store, or simply print and cut out the logo I’ve prepared for you HERE.

2. Take a photo of the Fat Paddler logo – be it in an exotic location, creatively placed somewhere it shouldn’t, or anything that you think looks good.

3. Upload your picture to the Fan Photos section of the Fat Paddler Facebook Page.

4. Write a brief description with the photo of where or what the photo is. That’s it!

Entries close on Sunday 20 December (where-ever you are!) to give me time to collate and judge the two best photos to put up on

Now for the important bit – the Prize Pack!  For this competition there will be two prize packs for the two best photos. Each prize pack will consist of:

1. A copy of the book “Crossing the Ditch” personally signed by its author James Castrission and his paddling partner Justin Jones. This book is about the first ever crossing of the Tasman Sea (between Australia and New Zealand) by kayak, and if you like how the Fat Paddler writes, then you will love this incredible story.

2. 2x Vinyl Fat Paddler stickers (1x white, 1x black)

3. An exclusive Fat Paddler beer cooler.

So there it is, can’t wait to see what you come up with! And just to give you a taste of the book “Crossing the Ditch”, enjoy the preview to the documentary they made whilst on their incredible paddle. Cheers – FP

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith