Incredible Generosity from a Canadian Paddle-Maker

The Rock Garden series from Adanac Paddles, Canada

The Rock Garden series from Adanac Paddles, Canada

Despite our daily news being filled with stories of human suffering in all its forms, there are times when truly amazing things happen where incredible people give of themselves for the happiness of others. One such beautiful person is Jill Ellis of Adanac Paddles, a Canadian paddle-maker well known globally for the quality of her hand-carved Greenland paddles.  Jill has been an incredible support to me in terms of repair advice as I habitually abuse and break my Greenland paddles.

This abuse of my paddles inspired Jill to design and create a paddle-set specifically to handle such rough treatment. The set includes a full-sized Greenland paddle and a storm-paddle for in-close rock gardening, with both paddles tipped with the incredible South American hardwood, Purple Heart, for maximum tip strength.

The Rock Garden series - like twin Samurai Swords!

The Rock Garden series - like twin Samurai Swords!

And then I received the following letter from Jill, asking me to test her latest creation and let her know what I think of them! To say I was shocked and surprised would be an understatement, especially since it appears there has been some collusion from my wife and paddler friends to make this happen! So now I have a week until I get to Chicago for a business meeting, and get my hands on this paddle set. It’s going to be the longest week ever! Cheers – FP


Dear Sean,

I have gotten to know you, not only from the articles on your web sites, and, but also from your tweets and the multitude of friends in common, both you and I have, on Twitter.

Through the Peeps, I have come to know that you are a very gentle, caring man, who is always paddling the extra mile to help raise money for children in need.

You also have to be the hardest person I know on paddles. Tips coming off, split blades etc due to the rock gardens you love to paddle through.

It would be my pleasure if you would test out my new line of “Rock Garden” paddles ( and possibly write a review about them if you have the time. Both the Storm and the Regular paddles come with purple heart tips, and the complimentary paddle booties of course.

Storm paddles are also great for getting up close to rock walls, and picking your way through the rock gardens, where you don’t have the space to use your long paddle.

Through devious methods, I have been given your measurements so that these paddles are made to fit you.

When I heard on Twitter that you were going to be coming to Chicago, USA for work, I decided what an opportunity to get these paddles to you. I can say at this moment that the paddles are finished and the packing/travelling tube is almost complete.

I will be shipping the paddles out on Monday morning via courier to your head office in Chicago, where they will await your arrival.

Sean, we can’t have you out there raising money for kids, representing all of us Greenland paddlers, with bits and bobs of paddling equipment!

Just know that these paddles have a wee bit of everyone who knows you, and all us Peeps who root for you, through your ground crews’ tweets when you are out there paddling to raise money for charity.

We are all there, in these paddles you will be holding in your hands, so that you can draw strength from us to paddle your heart out.

Treat them well, keep them oiled and they will never fail you in what you do.

Have them blessed, so they can be extensions of your arms.

These paddles are to be USED, not pampered!

Enjoy, from all of us.

Adanac Paddles
Dover Centre, ON, Canada

Custom Purple Heart tips!

Custom Purple Heart tips!

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