Sydney Harbour Rock Gardens

Grotto Point early in the morning

Grotto Point early in the morning

One of the interesting features of Sydney Harbour is that much of cuts through rock, creating intricate rock formations and cliffs. I find myself drawn to the rocky shore whenever I kayak our harbour, as the waves rushing amongst the rocks create a dynamic and exciting area to play in.

Playing amongst the rocks has taken a toll on my paddles of course, with split ends and lost end caps becoming a regular occurance. My plastic boat is scratched and in general it’s a rough place to paddle. But I just can’t help myself, I’m drawn to the ancient rock like a fat man to doughnuts.

So here are a few photos of the rocky shores of Sydney Harbour.

Shoreline behind Grotto Point


Middle Harbour rocks

Cliff erosion

Rocky beaches

Clear water and shallow rock ledges

Rock or wood-grain?

So there you have it. And after the paddle session, like so many times before, I needed a cold beer to quench my thirst.  I found this little number at the local, and couldn’t resist.  Cheers! – FP

Hmmmm, Holy Ale!

Hmmmm, Holy Ale!

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith