Kayak Trailers Stolen from SHK

6m, 12 kayak capacity, custom made. And now stolen property

SHK crew in happier days. 6m, 12 kayak capacity, custom made. And now stolen property

I can’t say I’ve ever met a paddler I didn’t like, it’s such a great community of people sharing a passion for the outdoors. So it is really saddening to hear of the theft of Sydney Harbour Kayaks‘ two custom made kayak trailers. Consider, you can’t really use them for anything other than boats, they are 6 metres long each, and they are custom made and easily recognizable. And yet someone has still seen fit to steal not one, but both of these trailers.

And consider also – whilst SHK uses these for commercial activities, they also support  local schools and charities with the delivery and use of their kayaks for community projects and activities.  With both trailers stolen, not only are they unable to continue their day to day commercial activities dependant on them, but the local community (and children) now have to go without kayaking activities until they can replace them.

So I’d like to ask our Aussie (and most probably, NSW-based) paddlers to keep an eye out for these trailers and let either myself, the police or Shannon at SHK know if a trailer or two suddenly turn up in your local area.  Or, if you may have seen the thefts themselves (Kenneth Road Manly Vale) and can give some information on the thieves, we’d really appreciate it. If you provide information leading to the trailers recovery, we’ll put together a Fat Paddler and Sydney Harbour Kayaks merchandise pack full of goodies for you to say thanks.

Email Fat Paddler: FP [AT] fatpaddler.com

Email Shannon: Shannon [AT] sydneyharbourkayaks.com

Let’s not let thieves get away with this brazen theft. I’m sure between all of us paddlers we can track these down. Happy hunting! – FP

Trailer seen from the front

Trailer seen from the front

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith