Team Fat Paddler: No Sleep Til Brooklyn

The TFP Canoe rigged for the Classic - shagadelic babee!

The TFP Canoe rigged for the Classic - shagadelic babee!

With the 111km Hawkesbury Canoe Classic now just two days away, we thought we should pick a team song for the event. Being that it runs overnight and ends in Brooklyn, the Beastie Boys anthem “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” seemed the obvious answer. But then I received an email from Fiona at Badger Paddles, who’d taken the time to write a special Team Fat Paddler version of the song for us. So here it is for your enjoyment!! (Huge thanks to Fiona and the Beastie Boys.  If anyone wants to record it and send it to me, drop me a line – I can always add it to the iPod for race day!)

No sleep ’til Brooklyn – Team Fat Paddler Style:

Foot on the pedal – never ever false metal
Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle
My job’s ain’t a job – it’s a damn good time
Paddle to paddle – I’m running my rhymes
On location – touring around the nation
TeamFatPaddler never on vacation
Itchy trigger finger but stable on the gunnels
Do what we do best because our vision is tunnel
Ain’t no faking – your money I’m taking
Going coast to coast – Cancer will be shaking
While you’re at the job working nine to five
FatPaddler on the Hawksbury- cold paddlin’ live

(bridge) No sleep ’til –

Another place – another boat
Another message in the bottle floats
Another wave – a swell we fight
Another paddle all thru the night
Our team is crazy – we always smoke the sausage
But FatPaddler says it’s all good – not carnage!
111 km – we paddle around the clock
PFD to PFD –  it’s all on the dock
We’re thrashing H2O like it’s going out of style
Getting paid along the way cause it’s worth the while
Coconut rice on the floor – Gelo’s out the door
FP is in the back because he just weighs more.
We got sheep skin seats & camo on the deck
With H2O Paddles saying what the heck?!!

(repeat bridge)

(repeat chorus)

Ain’t seen the light since we started this paddle
But our shag seats are gonna save our saddle
Born and bred Australia – we rock the boat
FatPaddler is the team that will always float
Like a lemon to a lime – a lime to a lemon
Gelo is the candy for all the fly women
Got our carbs, our gear, & our blue steel
Our mettle is metal that is hard to the feel
Step off Cancer – get out of our way
FatPaddler is the team who’s gonna end your day
We’re gonna knock you down on the super hard rocks
And maybe even strangle you with our paddle socks…

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith