Video Classics: Paddle to the Sea (Canada, 1966)

I am Paddle to the Sea - Please put me back in the water

I am Paddle to the Sea - Please put me back in the water

In this day of digital content where a days paddle can be online to share within hours or even minutes, it’s easy to forget that great paddling movies were made way before digital video cameras and iPhones existed. I was trawling the web looking for content when I came across this amazing little film made in Canada way back in 1966, before I was even a twinkle in my Daddy’s eye!

The film, based on the book written by Holling C. Holling, tells the story of a carved Indian in a canoe that is set on a frozen mountain stream, which during the spring melt washes into the river system and makes its way through the wilderness and urban Canada and eventually to the sea. It is an amazing film considering it is now over 50 years old, and a film I very much enjoyed watching tonight. It runs for 27 minutes and does chew up a little bandwidth, but if you love the wilderness, adventure and paddling, I think you’ll appreciate this little gem (its great in Full Screen mode).

A big thanks to the National Film Board of Canada for making this classic available online. Cheers – FP

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith