Remember, Paddling Is All About Having Fun

Grumm take things very easy on a lazy Sunday morning

Grumm taking things very easy on a lazy Sunday morning

The Team Fat Paddler boys had a go at me recently. You see, I’ve taken a liking to paddling out through the Heads to explore Sydney’s cliff-line, or donning the helmet and paddling close in to the cliffs of Middle Head. I’ve been taking the TFP lads out with me seeking thrills and instead have scared the pants off them in big swell and shark infested waters! So this past weekend they demanded an inland paddle up Middle Harbour. No swell, no death-grip on the paddle, just a cruising jaunt through national park and a possible break at the coffee boat.

We had a lovely day and it got me thinking about all the fun times & all the great and friendly people I’ve met on our magnificent Sydney Harbour. Happy smiling people having fun, real elemental fun. And it reminded me why I love paddling so much – it’s the joy at being outdoors, being part of a community, being with friends. So in honour of all you great people out there on the water having fun, I put together this little compilation of some fun we’ve had out there too. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers – FP

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith