Video Post: Canoeing in the Rain in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park Australia

The rain transforms waterways and adds a new dimension of fun

Water is a brilliant thing. Not only does it make paddling possible, it also has ways of changing the landscape and adding new dynamic features. Here in Australia water is a valuable commodity and most of our paddling is done under dry warm conditions which is great. But every now and then we get a deluge of rain which gathers in the hills around Sydney and channels itself into creeks and rivers. In areas where there’s elevation and cliffs, the rain forms new features like waterfalls and rapids which don’t normally exist.

My Wenonah Encounter, a fun ride for exploring the rivers in the rain

My Wenonah Encounter, a fun ride for exploring the rivers in the rain

So when the conditions are wet and cold, most people rug up and stay indoors. But for me its the time to grab the boat, rug up in waterproofs instead, and go exploring. Sure, its going to be dark and cold and wet, but most likely you’ll have the waterways to yourself and the bushland will look beautiful. On this particular day I was officially training for the upcoming Hawkesbury Canoe Classic, but was lucky enough to spend a fair bit of time exploring rocks and rapids, or getting out to climb waterfalls, or just generally enjoying the solitude.

So here’s a little video from the morning’s paddle. Hope it gives you a little taste of the beauty of the outdoors in the rain. Cheers – FP

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith