A Winter Surf Snapshot From Manly Australia

The sun rises over the Pacific Ocean

Winter is upon us in Australia and the morning feels Arctic, but there’s no doubt it can be a beautiful time of the year here in Sydney. I managed to get in a very early surfski surf in the pre-sunrise twilight of the new day, pulling into some giant waves and having a blast before packing up, climbing to the top of the Shelley Beach headland with my camera and taking some photos of the surf scenes around me. Here are just a selection of those photos. Cheers, FP

Surfskis at dawn, Manly Australia

Manly Green Rooms

Beautiful winter swell at The Bower

Manly SLSC surfski paddlers contemplating the paddle back through the surf

Charging green lumps at Manly

A crazy man weaving his way to the Manly surf

Clean winter sets rolling into Manly

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith

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