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Gelo and the Ninja enjoy the warmth of the fire

Commando Camping II: A Midweek Micro Adventure

A recent Facebook post by our adventurer mates Cas and Jonesy captured my attention a few weeks back. The post was about “micro adventures“, where you take off after work…

Paddling the Northern Territory Part 2

Fat Paddler hits the Northern Territory! (continued from Part 1) by Nat Bradford Dawn on day two was spectacular. The crisp evening gave way to sunrise and the mist rose…

Team Fat Paddler does Paddle for the Planet and a farewell to Gelo

Paddle for the Planet meets Commando Camping plus Team Fat Paddler farewells Lt Cmdr Gelo

It was always going to be a bittersweet moment. Our very own Gelo had announced his intention to move back to Europe and that he’d miss the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic….

Lastly, a little paddling lesson for Miss4. With her Badger Paddle in hand, she quickly learnt how to paddle the canoe forward down the river. Well done sweety.

Getting Kids Outdoors – Camping and Canoeing

My two daughters, aged 3 and 4, are already digital natives. They can use my iPhone with ease, program the cable TV and work the DVD player. I don’t even…

Nelson Bay, Central Coast, NSW (Flickr Credit: Ken_Aussie)

Searching for kayak camping destinations

Over the past month I’ve been thinking alot about kayak camping. Not the type where you drive with a house-load of crap to a caravan park with a kayak on…

Camping bliss on the Murray River, WA (Image Credit: Paul Jarvis)

Kayak Camping Gear, what to buy?

Ever since I first picked up a paddle, I’ve wanted to take off with mates for a few nights under the stars at some hidden camp-spot only accessible by kayak….