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Lots of bouncing around off Middle Head. And MORE bracing!

Paddling Sydneys Cliffs at Dawn

With another relatively calm weather forecast, the lads of Team Fat Paddler (Nat, Grumm and yours truly) decided it was time for another run down the cliff  line from South…

Important rules when paddling near cliffs - always wear a helmet... and an ugly shirt.

Things to Watch Out For When Paddling Near Cliffs

With my usual paddle mates either away for the weekend or too hungover to get out on the water, I took off for a solo paddle and decided to go…

Scarlett Woman at the end of the paddle, glistening and happy

Moving Water along the Cliffs to Manly

As Sydney-siders flocked to the eastern suburbs for the annual City to Surf running event, I decided to slip down to the water for a quiet solo paddle to Manly….