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Surfski Surfing at Stormy Grotto Point

Surfski Surfing the Storm Chop at Grotto Point

The weekend had been set aside for the iconic Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach race, but another round of late-Summer storms hit the east coast of Australia with a vengeance,…

The sun breaking through the fog over North Head

Video: Dawn Paddle Through Sydney Fog

I’d planned a little trip out through the Heads and down towards Bondi, since the weather and sea conditions had forecast seas under 0.5 metres and only 5-10 knts of…

Peeling waves with 6-8 foot faces. So cool!

Exploring the Cliffs of Grotto Point Reserve

My paddle session for this weekend was based around testing some different gear, but with a clear weather report and calm seas I decided to strike out for Manly. With…

Scarlett Woman at the end of the paddle, glistening and happy

Moving Water along the Cliffs to Manly

As Sydney-siders flocked to the eastern suburbs for the annual City to Surf running event, I decided to slip down to the water for a quiet solo paddle to Manly….

Dawn's first rays of sunlight

Paddling Therapy – North Head Dawn

Sometimes life’s pressures build up and force us to seek therapy. For some, that might involve relying on a friendly shoulder to cry on. For others, it may be a…

The rising sun and a lone kayak fisherman

Dawn Paddles, Grotto Point to North Head

Autumn is such a great time of the year. The morning air is cold but the water is still warm, so you get all kinds of wonderful weather effects. Low…

The cliffs of Grotto Point cop the full force of ocean swell

Dumb Paddlers without PFDs

Today after returning from a dawn paddle to the ocean-battered cliffs of North Head, I saw something that really annoyed me. Three kayakers had paddled around Grotto Point (see photo…

I can fit through there, NO problem! *gulp*

A Tale of Two Paddles (Part 1) – Thrills and Spills

Adventures always seem to start when you least expect it. Over the ANZAC weekend I was due to paddle & camp out in the Shoalhaven Gorge wilderness area, but sickness…

The Barely-Afloat - Fat Paddler

Team Fat Paddler getting amongst the lumps

It’s incredible how much difference a week makes! On week 2 of training for TFP, we changed to composite boats from Sydney Harbour Kayaks and head off for Grotto Point…