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Mauritius - the greatest paddling backdrop ever?? (Img credit: Rob Mousley)

Mauritius Ocean Classic 2013 – Race Day

TFP member Nat continues his adventure in Mauritius… After spending most of the week pushed to the limit of my ability in large swells on one hand and headwinds on…

MOC - Shorties 001

Mauritius Ocean Classic 2013 Pt2: Sporty’s Relay

Another post from TFP member Nat whilst in Mauritius! Paddling in a beautiful tropical location like Mauritius with crystal clear warm waters and great runs is every paddlers’ idea of…

Paddling with legends such as Dean Gardiner, one of the great parts of Mauritius

Mauritius Ocean Classic 2013 Part 1: Training in Huge Seas

Story from Nat Bradford, posting live from Mauritius “It doesn’t look as big as the first day last year” I said somewhat incorrectly. Sitting on the beach with Dean Gardiner…