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More fun on my Stellar SR surf ski. Getting more addicted every week!

Surfski Circumnavigation of Sydney’s North Head

North Head is one of Sydney’s major landmarks, a towering chunk of rock that juts out into the Tasman Sea at the northern end of the entrance to Sydney Harbour….

Balmoral Beach, south end, just past the playground and opposite the oval

Stellar Surf Ski Trial Day – Balmoral Beach, Sydney

As you can probably tell I’m having a blast on my Stellar surf ski, even after just 2 months in it. There’s no doubt these are great boats whether you’re…

Stellar skis still come in white, but also come in a great range of colours as well

Boat Review: Stellar SR Ocean Ski, A Beginners Perspective on a Beginner to Intermediate Surf Ski

Background For the past three years I’ve been paddling a range of boats including sea kayaks, white water kayaks and canoes. My paddling has usually been general touring, kayak surfing…

FP hanging out with the Stellar and Slipstream Surf crew at the Summer Series

First Race after Four Weeks on a Surf Ski

The start of 2012 has been surreal. I’ve gone from tentatively sitting on a surf ski for the first time, barely able to stay on in completely glassy waters, to…