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Spec Ski Paddling - Manly Beach

Surfski Inspiration: The Surf Lifesaving Movement

After a fun session surfing my Stellar SR ocean surfski at my favourite Manly break, I dropped down to the Manly LSC with a camera to absorb the activity that Spring…

Charging green lumps at Manly

A Winter Surf Snapshot From Manly Australia

Winter is upon us in Australia and the morning feels Arctic, but there’s no doubt it can be a beautiful time of the year here in Sydney. I managed to…

Have A Bloody Bewdy Australia Day 2013

Ahhh Australia. Land of my birth and where I choose to live. It’s a bloody brilliant place to grow up & live, and I love her totally. A land of…

The Fatmobile packed and ready to go. Bye Ettalong!

Lumps and Bumps from Ettalong to Umina

Towards the end of the family holiday I’d taken off from Avoca looking for a decent paddle. Driving around the Brisbane Water looking for somewhere interesting to paddle, I somehow…

Surf Paddlers with www.WozThatYou.com

Doug, A mate of mine on the northern beaches of Sydney, gets up before sunrise each morning and lugs his impressive camera gear down to whatever beach is working best….