Kayak Camping Gear, what to buy?

Camping bliss on the Murray River, WA (Image Credit: Paul Jarvis)

Camping bliss on the Murray River, WA (Image Credit: Paul Jarvis)

Ever since I first picked up a paddle, I’ve wanted to take off with mates for a few nights under the stars at some hidden camp-spot only accessible by kayak. It doesn’t take too long before my paddling mates admit they too have this secret desire, to get away and rough it away from the pressures of work (and occasionally, family!).

Then the sensational picture above arrived from Paul (from my birth state of Western Australia) showing a trip he’d just returned from last weekend, adding fuel to my camping desires. All week this image has been coming back to me, taunting me with its simple beauty, to the point where I’m becoming obsessed with my need to paddle off into the sunset for a few nights with nature.

But that brings me to an interesting point – I don’t have any camping gear. Somewhere between being a bachelor moving between different cities and a married man with small kids, I have over time lost, lent or given away what camping gear I had. So with this festering desire to camp building, I need to quickly start acquiring the basics to get me out there.

So what better way to find out than to seek the advice of my fellow global paddlers? I’d love to get your advice on a basic gear list (and lets keep it basic, I want to stay as light and simple as possible), lightweight gear considered necessities etc.

I’d also like to advice on places in NSW (ideally fairly close to Sydney) where I can camp remotely (ie not in a caravan park with lots of other campers). Both coastal and inland places would be great!

Ok, over to my readers now, get those comments coming in please! Cheers – FP

The Fat Paddler by Sean Smith