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Jason Beachcroft, paddling around Australia

Jason Beachcroft: Attempt to Paddle Around Australia, including Tasmania

What makes someone want to take on an enormous, time consuming expedition? This is the question that kept cropping up in my mind as I spent the morning of Saturday…

Fearless by Joe Glickman

Book Review: Fearless, by Joe Glickman

In 2009 when I took up kayaking as a way to rebuild my health, I came across a remarkable undertaking – a German woman by the name of Freya Hoffmeister…

Freya on a "gentle paddle" (Image Credit: http://qajaqunderground.com/ )

Great Kayak Adventurers – Freya Hoffmeister

There are too few people in the world whose actions are truly inspiring, and when I think about kayaking there is one name that instantly springs to mind – Freya…