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Mauritius Ocean Classic 2012 Pt4 – The Video

It’s been just over a week now since the 2012 Mauritius Ocean Classic and I’ve had some time to think about the event and what it meant to me. What…

6.20am. Training alone in 15knt winds and confused chop, watching the storm build.

Mauritius: Paddler Training Motivated by Fear

I am currently training harder than I have ever trained before – multiple workouts a day, lots of cardio, full body exercises with kettle bells and as much time on…

The Fat Paddler, reporting in LIVE from the 2012 Mauritius Ocean Classic

A New Fat Paddler Challenge – Mauritius Ocean Classic, the Island Shamaal 28km surfski race

I often get asked after any major adventure, “So FP, what’s next?”. This year, with the help of a few major commercial supporters, Team Fat Paddler has put together a…