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Stellar SR surfski

Surfski Review: Stellar SR beginner to intermediate ocean surfski 12 month review

Since I wrote my first beginners review of the Stellar SR surfski a year ago, I’ve put my various SRs  through more conditions than you could possibly imagine. I’ve taken…

Sunrise over the bay... and a fun morning of long 2 foot runners ahead

Video Post: Surfing Kayaks and Surf Skis

You know it’s been a great days paddling when you have to call it quits because physically you just can’t take anymore. Such was this particular morning where six of…

The Fat Paddler, reporting in LIVE from the 2012 Mauritius Ocean Classic

A New Fat Paddler Challenge – Mauritius Ocean Classic, the Island Shamaal 28km surfski race

I often get asked after any major adventure, “So FP, what’s next?”. This year, with the help of a few major commercial supporters, Team Fat Paddler has put together a…