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Midshipman Mike, stoked at catching his first wave. Woohoo!

Rock, Roll and Rescue with Team Fat Paddler

With a huge low pressure system sitting off Australia’s east coast, temperatures plummeted, rain poured down and the ocean swell jacked up to a massive 6 metres. Daily weather warnings…

The Liquidlogic Remix XP10 - a hybrid kayak with a whitewater pedigree

Liquidlogic Remix XP10 – A New Kayak for Rocks, Rivers and Ocean Whitewater

As I’ve found myself drawn to dynamic ocean whitewater, my boat needs have started to change as my paddling shifts from medium distance exploration to short bursts of speed and…

Eric Soares meets a 4m wall of water. Photo by Jim Kakuk, who was reportedly HAMMERED by this wave a second after this shot was taken!

Q&A with Cmdr Eric Soares, Tsunami Rangers, on Kayak Surfing and Rock Gardens

The Tsunami Rangers are well know for their crazy antics in big surf, wild rock gardens and surfing in caves. This band of renegade paddlers spent many a year playing…

The Badgers (from left): The Cub, the Tripper and the Sliver

Review: Badger Paddles and Paddle Socks

At the beginning of the year I was lucky enough to travel to Canada where I picked up a number of canoe paddles from the man who makes them himself,…

Yeeeeehaw! Want to know what happpens next ?? Read to the bottom to find out!

Ocean Whitewater Aussie Styles – Surfing Canoes

Some time back I met a great couple of Aussie canoe fans online and hooked up for a paddle on the flooded Colo River (where we were involved in a…

Cmon surf gods, bring it on. Geronimo!! (Image courtesy of Tsunami Rangers copyright 2011)

Video: Kayak Surfing, Tsunami Ranger Styles

Sydney’s weather today – ocean swell up to 3 metres, westerly gale force winds, coastal warnings for “large swell breaking dangerously onshore”. These conditions are dangerous and will keep many…

Paddlers gathering in Wales for some stormy paddling fun

6th UK Storm Gathering Sea Kayak Symposium

Everyone knows the Fat Paddler is an Aussie, but few know that his roots are far more Celtic with a fair bit of Irish, English and Welsh in his blood….

Lt Cmdr Gelo having a heap of fun at the newly named "Gelo Cliffs"

Team Fat Paddler farewells Lt Cmdr Gelo with some Rock Garden fun at Gelo Cliffs

A small contingent of Team Fat Paddler gathered at the The Spit to see off one of the team’s most popular members, Lt Cmdr Gelo. After a year paddling canoes…

Midshipman Mike gets up close to a shipwreck

Paddling under the stars with Team Fat Paddler

Last week the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic officially opened for registration and the lads from Team Fat Paddler quickly signed up. Many of them have yet to have a decent night…