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Paddlers gathering in Wales for some stormy paddling fun

6th UK Storm Gathering Sea Kayak Symposium

Everyone knows the Fat Paddler is an Aussie, but few know that his roots are far more Celtic with a fair bit of Irish, English and Welsh in his blood….

Team Fat Paddler ring-in for the next Greenland National Kayaking Championships

Profile: Helen Wilson, Greenland rolling instructor

In the sleepy liberal town of Arcata in northern California can be found world-renown Greenland roller Helen Wilson. A multiple medal winner at the Greenland National Kayaking Championships (2008, 2010),…

FP slowly getting into this storm roll stuff. Loving it!

Greenland Rolling Classes with Helen Wilson

I’ve done one lesson on rolling in my entire life. I’ve practiced a bit on my own of course, on no more than 8 occasions, and would say I hit…

Hey look, it's Bambi!! Hello sweety!

Winter Fun in Thunder Bay Canada

After my whirlwind tour of Toronto the next stop on my Canadian adventure was the northern Ontario town of Thunder Bay.  If I’d felt the cold in Toronto, I was…