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SUPs are a great platform for most types of water, both dynamic or calm (Photo credit: P. Morgan)

The Rise and Rise of Stand Up Paddleboarding

In my time as a paddler I’ve watched with interest the rise in popularity of Stand Up Paddleboarding, a paddling pastime that generally involves a long wide surfboard and a…

Two very different paddle craft sharing the water - Valley Aquanaut and SUP

The Odd Couple – A SUP and a Sea Kayak

One of the great aspects of paddling is all the different flavours that are available. White water, flat water, ocean paddling, ski paddling, Greenland paddling, kayak polo, canoeing and of…

Stand Up Paddlers at Manly Festival of Surf

Manly Beach is one of Sydney’s premier beaches, and yesterday hosted the Manly Festival of Surf.  It’s great to see the sport of Stand Up Paddling now accepted amongst the…

Surf Paddlers with

Doug, A mate of mine on the northern beaches of Sydney, gets up before sunrise each morning and lugs his impressive camera gear down to whatever beach is working best….