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Archive Photo: The 2010 Bridge to Beach..... sponsored by Red Bull

Imagine if Red Bull Sponsored Kayaking

The other day I was thinking about the awesome range of sports that Red Bull sponsors: Air Races, Formula 1, Motorcross, Sky Diving and practically every other extreme sport you…

You gotta fight! For your right! To paaaaaaddle! (Img: Tsunami Rangers)

Tsunami Rangers Greatest Hits Mash-Up

I’ve been as excited as a fat kid with a cupcake all week with the release of the Beastie Boys long-awaited new album, HOTSAUCECOMMITTEEPARTTWO. I’ve been a fan of the…

Tsunami Rangers - riders on the edge of madness!

Extreme Sea Kayaking with the Tsunami Rangers

There are so many different types of paddling out there, each with their own appeal and thrill factor.  But if you want to find out what defines “extreme”, you need…