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Grumm gets pole position for his first sunrise.

Another Pittwater Dawn and Grumm Gets a Rocket

The weekend had been exciting for Grumm. He had permission from the Minister for War & Finance to buy a kayak, and with the Sydney Harbour Kayaks ex-rental sale on,…

Thanks to everyone who donated from Team Fat Paddler!

Race Report: Lifestart Kayak for Kids 2010

Arriving in the dark at 5.30am, Team Fat Paddler assembled what boats we had and all our gear before enjoying the breaking sunrise over Sydney Harbour. Like the Bridge to…

Amber sunsets... awesome.

Paddling Koh Samui Thailand with Grummett

As Team Fat Paddler were training hard for the upcoming Kayak for Kids paddling event, TFP paddler Grummett decided he’d take of with his family for three weeks of tropical…