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Rockin the Hayden Fat Boy in stormy wind chop and surf

Wet and Wild Surfski Paddling on the Hayden Fat Boy

The call went out for the Team Fat Paddler crew to get some surf in at a distant southern Sydney break where the waves are long, green and easy (and…

Trying to stay on the Hayden Fat Boy in cross-chop... not easy!

A New Paddling Challenge: Switching to Spec Skis

At the start of 2012 I started to paddle surfskis for the first time. Over the following couple of years I fell in love with them – the speed through…

Hayden Fat Boy spec surfski

Surfski Review: Hayden 18′ Fat Boy Spec Ski

This week Brian Partridge, a South Australian member of Team Fat Paddler, got curious about the differences between ocean surfskis and spec surfskis. He was able to get his hands…