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Rockin the Hayden Fat Boy in stormy wind chop and surf

Wet and Wild Surfski Paddling on the Hayden Fat Boy

The call went out for the Team Fat Paddler crew to get some surf in at a distant southern Sydney break where the waves are long, green and easy (and…

Surfski Surfing at Stormy Grotto Point

Surfski Surfing the Storm Chop at Grotto Point

The weekend had been set aside for the iconic Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach race, but another round of late-Summer storms hit the east coast of Australia with a vengeance,…

Paddling storm surges on the east coast of Australia

Storm Paddling the Remnants of Cyclone Oswald on the Australian East Coast

Two years ago the northern Australian state of Queensland was battered by torrential rain leading to one of the worst floods in Australian history, with an area the size of…