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Fat Paddler Best of 2013

Video: Fat Paddler Best of 2013

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, and with the dawn of a new year we get the chance to look back and reflect. For me personally…

Don in Tsunami Ranger mode, somewhere on the US West Coast (photo credit: Jim Kakuk)

Paddling with Don Kiesling – Surfskier, Molokai Racer, Tsunami Ranger

So came the message from Don Kiesling, an avid surfskier from the US with numerous races under his belt including Molokai. He was far better known to me as a…

A Sydney Sunrise - the Bower right hand point break, Manly Australia

The Paddlers Lottery: Stay Warm In Bed or Risk the Weather Warning

No-one else wanted to come, even my wife questioned my sanity. A change was coming into Sydney bringing strong winds, dangerous surf and pretty foul conditions. Just the day before…

Big surf at the Bower

Paddle Surfers vs Board Surfers: The Battle of Manly

Manly Beach, Sydney. It’s an iconic Aussie coastal spot with great surf and miles of pristine sandy beach. It is also the home of our local paddle surf spot, a…

Paddling storm surges on the east coast of Australia

Storm Paddling the Remnants of Cyclone Oswald on the Australian East Coast

Two years ago the northern Australian state of Queensland was battered by torrential rain leading to one of the worst floods in Australian history, with an area the size of…

Early morning surf at the Bower point break, Manly Beach

Video: A Rescue, Some Surf, & Some Trashings – Just another Team Fat Paddler Surfski Surf Session

With Team Fat Paddler, whilst it looks mostly about fun, it’s also about team work. In our latest outing we not only got to experience some fun waves and a…


Video: A Surf Lesson with Balls (aka Scaring Freddie)

Summer is always mixed down here in Sydney – some days the surf is great, other days it just flattens out and we’re better off watching the cricket on TV….


Video: Dawn Surfski Surfing with Team Fat Paddler

In my last post A Return to the Surf… or Paddling to Feel Alive I spoke about the joy of returning to the surf and waves, the fun of falling…


A Return to the Surf… or Paddling to Feel Alive

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about paddling, and the parts I love, as well as the parts I don’t love so much. In particular, I’ve thought a lot about…


Video Post: Fat Paddler chases the Green Room

It was cold, it was dark, it was noisy. With a weather forecast of 20-30 knot westerlies plus a good 2m ocean swell coming from the East, I was curious…


A Beginners Surf Lesson on a Stellar SR Surfski

One the reasons I love my Stellar SR surfski is that it makes surfing so accessible to even us average paddlers. The SR catches waves so easily, and then its…