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More fun on my Stellar SR surf ski. Getting more addicted every week!

Surfski Circumnavigation of Sydney’s North Head

North Head is one of Sydney’s major landmarks, a towering chunk of rock that juts out into the Tasman Sea at the northern end of the entrance to Sydney Harbour….

Breaking light over the Tasman Sea. Beautiful.

Calm Seas and Sydney’s Cliffs

All the weather and marine forecasts said the same thing – small waves and an even smaller ocean swell. Despite weeks of big seas and high winds, here was a…

Dawn's first rays of sunlight

Paddling Therapy – North Head Dawn

Sometimes life’s pressures build up and force us to seek therapy. For some, that might involve relying on a friendly shoulder to cry on. For others, it may be a…

The rising sun and a lone kayak fisherman

Dawn Paddles, Grotto Point to North Head

Autumn is such a great time of the year. The morning air is cold but the water is still warm, so you get all kinds of wonderful weather effects. Low…