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So much fog, there was no horizon for hours

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Training in the Berowra Fog

With the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic slowly approaching, the Team Fat Paddler crew has started (begrudgingly) on the distance training. A few of us will be racing in open canoes which…

Keith enjoying the early morning peace on Berowra Waters

Canoe Adventures that become Swimming Adventures

Paddle mate Grumm has had his outlaws visiting from the UK over the past few weeks, and we promised to take Keith, his 6’5″ ex-rugby player father in law, out…

Paddled finished by 10am. A stunning start to the day.

Zen Paddling Through Berowra Fog

With Grumm having a hard curfew of 11am for his paddling due to kiddie bday party commitments, we decided to go for a very early paddle in the nearby gorge…