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The return trip - sunny, warmer, and full of laughter

Real Canoe Adventures with Young Kids

My 6 year old daughter seemed a little flat the other day so I offered her a little daddy-daughter one-on-one time via a canoe adventure. All of our paddles have…

Could there be a more beautiful place to paddle? I call it "canoe nirvana".

Canoe Paddling in Algonquin Canada

Grab Life By The Shaft Tour Part 1 – Algonquin Canada It was amazing to see the difference 6 months makes to the seasons in Canada. When I was last…

Another amazing year of paddling for the Fat Paddler

Canoe Paddling in Toronto with Badger Paddles

My alarm went at off 6am, rousing me from a brief but deep sleep. I was in a hotel room in Toronto Canada, it was around -10C outside and my…