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The return trip - sunny, warmer, and full of laughter

Real Canoe Adventures with Young Kids

My 6 year old daughter seemed a little flat the other day so I offered her a little daddy-daughter one-on-one time via a canoe adventure. All of our paddles have…

Miss 6 in the steering position on the Stellar SR

Introducing Kids to the Surfski with Fat Paddler

Of all the boats I have, the last one I think of for my kids (aged 5 and nearly 7) is the surfski. Usually I take them out in an…

Even outdoor-challenged partners can have some fun in a canoe

Canoe paddling as a way to get kids outdoors

In the modern age of technology it’s pretty hard to drag your children away from the lure of ipads, the internet or games like Minecraft. With school holidays upon us…

PFDs for kids (from left): For a 4 year old, and for a 2 year old

Kids, Canoes and Safety

I have a beautiful wife and two gorgeous little girls, and the one problem with my passion for paddling is that I can’t squeeze them all into my sea kayak….