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Team Fat Paddler chasing down their competitors. Look at the fear on their faces. Smell their terror! (again, thanks to Pete Morgan and Mitchell Gailbraith for the pic)
Different paddle craft prepare for Paddle for Pete

Video Post: Paddling Unity on Pittwater

UPDATE: Results from the P4P now available on the Blast Paddlers Website. Local surf lifesaver Pete was seriously injured during a surfing accident at Easter. Local clubbies, paddlers & business’…

Breaking light over the Tasman Sea. Beautiful.

Calm Seas and Sydney’s Cliffs

All the weather and marine forecasts said the same thing – small waves and an even smaller ocean swell. Despite weeks of big seas and high winds, here was a…

OZFlyte / SHK Team Paddler Amy Nurthen from Terrigal

SHK and Blast Paddlers launch the OZFlyte R21 Ocean Racing Ski

The rise of ocean racing ski paddling has been dramatic in Australia, with the Harbour regularly abuzz with these Formula 1 paddlers on their skinny boats.  Thus far the market…

Just a random artsy shot I took from the beach

Exploring Pittwater’s Western Shore

Cold, dark and quiet. This is how we found the put-in at the southern end of Pittwater this winter’s morning. Grumm, The Famous Tim Kennings and myself had met up…

Breaking light and breaking waves

Chasing the Dawn in the Choppy Darkness

The Famous Tim Kennings and I pushed off into the darkness, hunting the sunrise over North Head. The morning was proving to be the first really cold one for the…

Maelstrom Vaag - made by crazy people having crazy fun!

The Ultimate Play Boats – Maelstrom Vaag & Vital

There’s a new player in the Brit-style skeg boat market, hailing from the wonderful land of Quebec, Canada. Maelstrom kayaks, designed by a fun-loving bunch of kayak cowboys, are only…