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The calm after the storm - Tea Gardens Sunrise

DNFs and Other Misadventures at the 2013 Myall Classic

The Myall Classic is a marathon race held on the NSW Central Coast, starting from the small town of Tea Gardens. It’s often spoken about as the warm-up event to…

Sunset over lakeside camp spot, Myall Lakes (Img credit: Owen Walton)

Kayak Camping on Myall Lakes

I recently invited members of the Fat Paddler Facebook Page to upload photos of their favourite paddle spots. As you may know, I have recently had urges to get out…

Nelson Bay, Central Coast, NSW (Flickr Credit: Ken_Aussie)

Searching for kayak camping destinations

Over the past month I’ve been thinking alot about kayak camping. Not the type where you drive with a house-load of crap to a caravan park with a kayak on…