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King of the Coast 2011, Sunshine Coast Qld

Video Post: King of the Coast 2011

Some paddling crew from up north brought this event to my attention some months back. Whilst my ski racing skills are probably not quite there yet (ok, probably never!), you…

Surfing the winter storm swell under the Winter sun

The Folly of Strange and Bizarrely Evangelical Fundamentalist Paddle Choices

I picked up the title of today’s post from the commercial blog of a local kayak retailer who was referencing “some people out there in (the) blog world”.  I couldn’t…

White Ribbon Day - Stopping Violence Towards Women

White Ribbon Day – A Global Initiative to Take A Stand Against Violence Towards Women

Completely off topic today, but I was compelled to write a little something about White Ribbon Day, a movement to stop violence by men towards women.  This is a serious…

Mistico gets to play in his first white water, a relatively gentle rebound wave

Introducing Beginners to Messing About In Boats

Do you remember the feeling when you first felt rapturous joy out on the water? That’s the feeling I want to get across to beginners when they start, a taste…

Sure, you could go to the gym. Or you could get your exercise fix on one of Sydney's magnificent beaches

Summer 2011 Kayella – Kayak Races for Women

If you spend any time around the Manly area first thing in the morning you may come across a group of people paddling up to harbour beaches, stretching and running….

Team Fat Paddler and Friends on Middle Harbour

Video Post: Fun Times, Fat Sausages and Falling Overboard with Team Fat Paddler

The best days are always the ones shared with good friends. On this particular day Team Fat Paddler met up at new member Seaman Riddler’s place on Middle Harbour for…

Archive Photo: The 2010 Bridge to Beach..... sponsored by Red Bull

Imagine if Red Bull Sponsored Kayaking

The other day I was thinking about the awesome range of sports that Red Bull sponsors: Air Races, Formula 1, Motorcross, Sky Diving and practically every other extreme sport you…

The 2011 Green River Extreme Kayak Race delivered spills aplenty!

Extreme Carnage at the 2011 Green River Race

As the summer season approaches and Team Fat Paddler starts to think more about rocks and surfing, it’s a good time to take a look at what our crazy white…

Seaman Riddler about to demonstrate the effectiveness of the non-paddle-brace

Seaman Riddler demonstrates his Seal Launch

Over the last year I’ve come to know a rugby-loving fella via Twitter who also has a penchant for paddling. We’ve met a few times and always share a good…

Meg took out the Women's Swimming, oops I mean Kayaking, division.

Summer Series Race 1 at Balmoral Beach

Last weekend Team Fat Paddler sent down a team of four to compete in the first race of the 6-race Summer Series, being held at Balmoral. Still somewhat tired from…