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Sydney Harbour at Dawn

Video: Onboard with Fat Paddler for the Lifestart Kayak for Kids

At the recent Lifestart Kayak for Kids I strapped a camera to the kayak to give you a view as seen from my seat! I kinda liked the view, but…

PFDs for kids (from left): For a 4 year old, and for a 2 year old

Kids, Canoes and Safety

I have a beautiful wife and two gorgeous little girls, and the one problem with my passion for paddling is that I can’t squeeze them all into my sea kayak….

Clockwise from top left: Timbo, Ned, FP, Sacha, Alan, Grummett

Team Fat Paddler raise over $8000 for Kayak for Kids

Bravo fellas, a sterling effort! Cheers – FP

Greenland Paddle Comparisons

It is common knowledge that I love, and exclusively use, Greenland paddles. Over the last few months I’ve received a lot of questions from interested paddlers asking me how my…

Amber sunsets... awesome.

Paddling Koh Samui Thailand with Grummett

As Team Fat Paddler were training hard for the upcoming Kayak for Kids paddling event, TFP paddler Grummett decided he’d take of with his family for three weeks of tropical…

Dawn at The Spit, a great start to the day

Team Fat Paddler: final K4K training run

The boys came together for one last paddle before the next weeks Kayak for Kids event.  Meeting at 7am, we got to witness a stunning dawn over Middle Harbour before…

When there's no waves, surf the ferry wake! (Photo: Doug McFarlane)

Paddling Tahiti, OC styles

A mate of mine Doug, the surf photographer from, recently returned from a week’s holiday in sunny Tahiti. One thing that caught his eye were the crazy outrigger canoeists…

A very wet Fat Paddler

Paddling the Hawkesbury At Midnight

A busy weekend schedule meant no paddling unless I could get one in late at night, so I contacted paddler mate Ned, the engine room of the Team Fat Paddler…

And we're off! Hundreds or paddles churn up the Harbour.

Bridge to Beach 2010

Timbo and I met up at Blues Point a little after 5.30am to start the logistics for competing in the Bridge to Beach event on Sydney Harbour. We had to…

Sydney Harbour Kayaks getting behind TFP and Kayak for Kids

SHK Epsilon deal to support Team Fat Paddler

A big thanks to Shannon and the crew at Sydney Harbour Kayaks who are getting behind the Team Fat Paddler efforts for Kayak for Kids with their own promotion. For…

Meli enjoying a swim off Shark Island

HotelClub Marketing Team Paddle Day

What do you do as a team builder for 30 marketing staff in a glorious city like Sydney? There’s a whole range of fun things to do, but this time…

Sunset over lakeside camp spot, Myall Lakes (Img credit: Owen Walton)

Kayak Camping on Myall Lakes

I recently invited members of the Fat Paddler Facebook Page to upload photos of their favourite paddle spots. As you may know, I have recently had urges to get out…

Playing in the Valley Aquanaut (Part I)

Visiting Pommy Paddlers and Tsunami Warnings

I love the fact that as a paddler, all it takes to get a decent paddle in anywhere in the world is to simply jump online and ask someone. Which…