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Three great looking Crystal-X paddles from H2O Performance Paddles

Review: H2O Crystal-X Paddles

The good folks at H20 Paddles in Ontario Canada contacted me recently and asked if I’d like to have a play with their Crystal-X line. Better known for their performance…

FP - Large and In Charge (Image: SYdney Morning Herald)

Large and In Charge – Sydney Morning Herald

When I was asked to speak about kayaking at the Sydney International Boat Show,  I wasn’t quite expecting the media attention that came with it.  A conversation with a journalist…

Maelstrom Vaag - made by crazy people having crazy fun!

The Ultimate Play Boats – Maelstrom Vaag & Vital

There’s a new player in the Brit-style skeg boat market, hailing from the wonderful land of Quebec, Canada. Maelstrom kayaks, designed by a fun-loving bunch of kayak cowboys, are only…

Test 1 - Tandem Paddling

Canoe Review: Mad River Explorer 14TT

To get my family into paddling I needed a boat that could safely hold my wife and my two toddlers. Thanks to the good folks at Blue Earth Paddle Sports…

PFDs for kids (from left): For a 4 year old, and for a 2 year old

Kids, Canoes and Safety

I have a beautiful wife and two gorgeous little girls, and the one problem with my passion for paddling is that I can’t squeeze them all into my sea kayak….

Greenland Paddle Comparisons

It is common knowledge that I love, and exclusively use, Greenland paddles. Over the last few months I’ve received a lot of questions from interested paddlers asking me how my…

Sydney Harbour Kayaks getting behind TFP and Kayak for Kids

SHK Epsilon deal to support Team Fat Paddler

A big thanks to Shannon and the crew at Sydney Harbour Kayaks who are getting behind the Team Fat Paddler efforts for Kayak for Kids with their own promotion. For…

The shorter storm-paddle fits nicely on deck as a spare

First Impressions: Adanac Greenland Paddles

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking out my new Adanac Paddles for their first trial on Sydney Harbour.  This pair of paddles – a full length Greenland paddle…

Rock Garden Series by Adanac Paddles

My first Canadian Greenland Paddles, by Adanac Paddles

After a week in snowy Chicago (brrr!), I’ve finally arrived back home in Sydney, with my new custom made Adanac Paddles. I’ve had these for a week but hadn’t opened…

The Cove - Japan's Shame

Movie Reviews for Paddlers: The Cove

As a kayaker, I feel incredibly close to the waters I paddle in and the life within it. There is no doubt that paddling has made me into an environmentalist,…

Camping bliss on the Murray River, WA (Image Credit: Paul Jarvis)

Kayak Camping Gear, what to buy?

Ever since I first picked up a paddle, I’ve wanted to take off with mates for a few nights under the stars at some hidden camp-spot only accessible by kayak….

Custom Purple Heart tips!

Incredible Generosity from a Canadian Paddle-Maker

Despite our daily news being filled with stories of human suffering in all its forms, there are times when truly amazing things happen where incredible people give of themselves for…

The new kayak arrives: Valley Aquanaut HV RM

Too excited to write! Hopefully the pictures will tell tell enough of the story. Cheers – FP

Kayak Review: Nadgee Solo

I dropped into Sydney Harbour Kayaks for a trial of the new Nadgee Solo composite sea kayak that they recently added to their stock.  The Nadgee is a beautiful, locally-made…